Yemeni speaker decries ‘false statements’ which led to disinviting from event

Yemeni speaker decries ‘false statements’ which led to disinviting from event

Ahmed Alshami insists he is 'not a Houthi and disagrees with some of their views', after outrage from the community over his invite to a parliamentary event

Lloyd Russell-Moyle
Lloyd Russell-Moyle

A campaigner who had been due to speak in Parliament about the Yemen civil war has criticised the “false statements” that led to him being disinvited.

Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle sought the removal of Ahmed Alshami at a Stop the War Coalition meeting in the wake of criticism.

Jewish groups and MPs criticised the invite after he was billed as participating with the Houthi movement – whose slogan says “death to Israel, curse the Jews” – in UN peace talks.

On Friday, Mr Alshami denied having acted as a spokesman for the Houthis and rejected the “false statements” made about him.

“I am against this war and I am seeking to put all the efforts to stop it,” he added.

“I am also not a Houthi and disagree with some of their views, but I also respect the way they protect the Yemeni territory from foreign occupiers.”

The Arabian Rights Watch Association, where he is executive director, added: “The organisation and its directors condemn all forms of antisemitism including, but not limited to, xenophobic, intolerant, and discriminatory hate speech and certainly do not condone its use.”

Brighton Kemptown MP Mr Russell-Moyle had said Stop the War arranged the speaker, “but on further investigation of the speaker it has become clear that it would be inappropriate to give this person a public platform in a public meeting”.

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