Yair Lapid lambasts United Nations body as ‘a council for terrorist rights’

Yair Lapid lambasts United Nations body as ‘a council for terrorist rights’

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Yair Lapid addressing the protestors outside the United Nations

Yair Lapid addressed hundreds of pro-Israel demonstrators outside the United Nations, which he branded as a ‘council for terrorist rights’.

The opposition MK who is chair of Yesh Atid led vocal protests outside the UN Human Rights Council in New York, whilst a series of discussions about human rights in Israel were taking place.

Lapid called for an end to the council’s ‘discrimination’ against Israel, saying instead of doing their job, the UNHRC “are encouraging murder, encouraging terror, encouraging injustice.”

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‘Hundreds’ of demonstrators came to hear Mr Lapid

“That is not a council for Human Rights, that has become a council for terrorist rights” he said.

Lapid called for Secretary-General of the UN, Ban ki-Moon to stop allowing the organisation “which attacks Jews for being Jews” to work under his auspices”, telling him: “It’s time for you to take a moral stand.”

He claimed it is an “organization which continually provides encouragement for fundamentalist Islamic terror”, calling for the UN, US and EU to not let “this moral distortion continue”.

Viewed by thousands online, the demonstrations were supported by a coalition of Israel advocacy groups including the World Zionist Organization, StandWithUs, the European Union of Jewish Students and others.

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