World Roundup: Polish Jews resolve Yiddish dispute

World Roundup: Polish Jews resolve Yiddish dispute

A round-up of Jewish news, including Venezualan Jewish converts and spies in Germany

The museum of the history of Polish Jews in Warsaw
The museum of the history of Polish Jews in Warsaw

A Pakistani man suspected of spying on a pro-Israel group in Bremen is to go on trial in Berlin. ‘Syed Mustafa H,’ 31, targeted the Germany-Israel Society and its former director Reinhold Robbe, according to German media. Prosecutors say the information was passed to an Iranian intelligence unit.

A legal dispute between Warsaw’s Jewish community and the city’s Jewish museum seems to have been resolved. The museum, which opened in 2014, exhibited four fragments of historic Yiddish articles together with translations. However, it was sued by the community, which said it had paid to translate them.

New Zealand
The Auckland office of New Zealand’s foreign minister has been vandalised by Israel supporters, after the country joined 13 others in backing a UN resolution denouncing West Bank settlements. Murray McCully found ‘traitor’ and ‘Jew hater’ daubed on his walls, which he called ‘regrettable’.

Nine Venezuelan Jewish converts have had their request to make aliyah denied by Israel’s Interior Ministry, because of their insufficient engagement in Jewish communal life. The applicants converted to Judaism in 2014, but come from the small rural town of Maracay, where no Jewish community exists.

Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw
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