World news-roundup: US Jewish groups back Kurdish cause

World news-roundup: US Jewish groups back Kurdish cause

Here's a snippet of the latest Jewish stories from around the globe

Kurdish PKK guerilla in Qandil, Iraq
Kurdish PKK guerilla in Qandil, Iraq

Country:  Germany

Israel’s Antiquities Authorities has pulled out of a planned exhibition of the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Frankfurt Bible Museum because German authorities could not guarantee their return to Israel if claimed by the Palestinians and Jordanians. The first scrolls were found by Bedouin in the West Bank in 1946.

Country: Poland

The Polish government has ordered an investigation into a video featuring nudity at the former Stutthof Nazi death camp near Gdansk. The video shows naked men and women playing tag inside a gas chamber. Jewish groups have now traced the video to Stutthof and want to know who approved filming.

Country: Brazil

The Brazilian diplomat and Nobel Prize winner who presided over the UN vote to recognise the State of Israel alongside a Palestinian state in 1947 has been honoured at a ceremony in Rio de Janeiro’s largest synagogue. Oswaldo Aranha was president of the UN General Assembly at the time of the historic vote.

Country:  United States

Jewish groups promoting the cause of Kurdish independence have organised a large event in New York to coincide with similar efforts in Israel. Kurdistan, in northern Iraq, would be a natural Israeli ally in the Middle East. Kurdish fighters from the Peshmerga were instrumental in defeating Islamic State (ISIS).

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