World news-roundup: Ukraine urges Israeli recognition of Holodomor ‘genocide’

World news-roundup: Ukraine urges Israeli recognition of Holodomor ‘genocide’

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World News-roundup
World News-roundup

Country: Brazil

More than 700 Brazilians made Aliyah last year, according to the Jewish Agency. The 2016 figure is a 45-year high, and almost four times the annual average. An economic crisis in the country has been a factor, as has several evangelical Christian leaders, who have been urging eligible Brazilians to emigrate.

Country: Chile

The wife of Israel’s ambassador to Chile has been excluded from a charity event for diplomats’ partners, because the bash was held at Club Palestino, which caters for the South American country’s 300,000-strong Palestinian community. The ambassador said the snub would have ‘negative consequences’.

Country: Ukraine

Ukrainian MPs have called on Israel to join the list of countries recognising the 1930s man-made famine ‘Holodomor’ as a genocide. Stalin starved millions of Ukrainians, in order to quash a push for independence. Parliamentarian Oleh Lyashko said: ‘We are counting on the Israeli Knesset for support.’

Country: Kosovo

Police chiefs in the tiny Balkan state of Kosovo say they disrupted a planned attack by Islamic State against targets including the Israeli football team. Organisers were tipped off and changed the venue of the match between Israel and Albania, on 12 November. 25 people arrested in three countries.

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