World news: Austrian lawmaker in hot water over ‘Zionist money Jews’ post

World news: Austrian lawmaker in hot water over ‘Zionist money Jews’ post

World News-roundup
World News-roundup

Country: Austria

A member of the Austrian Parliament from the nationalist Freedom Party has been criticised for praising a Facebook post which said ‘Zionist money Jews are the global problem’. Lawmaker Susanne Winter was responding to the post about ‘rich Zionist Jews in the USA’. She said the comments were ‘great’.

Country: France

A man accused of stabbing three Jews in Marseille last month has been jailed after his own mother dismissed his insanity plea as nonsense. Farid Adouche’s lawyers claimed he was criminally insane after he stabbed a rabbi and his son on Shabbat just hours after stabbing another victim several times.

Country: Netherlands

The Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority in Amsterdam has advised the Dutch government to ban ritual slaughter of animals on welfare grounds. It said cattle could feel pain for up to 45 seconds before dying. The country banned it four years ago, but this was overturned by the Dutch Senate. 

Country: United States

New York police have called for help to solve the 1986 murder of 15-year old yeshiva student Chaim Weiss, who was killed in his dorm bed. The weapon, described as a hatchet, was never found, but the window was opened and a candle placed at the scene. ‘Somebody’s got a secret,’ said Capt. John Azzata.

Country: Germany

Two unexploded WW2 bombs had to be diffused near Berlin’s Jewish Museum in the capital last week. The 250kg U.S-made explosives were rendered harmless after construction workers found them opposite the Jewish complex, which also houses an academy, offices, seminar rooms and a library.

Country: Japan

An elderly Jewish couple from Florida have travelled to Kobe in Japan to thank to thank the daughter of a Christian minister who helped their ancestors flee Nazi persecution. Sy Stadtmauer, 72, and his wife Joann, 71, flew 12,000 km to meet Atsuko Tsutsui, 91, the daughter of Genpachi Saito.

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