Voice of the Jewish News: Kosher food scandal

Voice of the Jewish News: Kosher food scandal

This week's editorial reflects on shocking news that Roseman’s Deli in Liverpool was selling non-kosher meat

Liverpool and Manchester’s Jewish communities are coming to terms this week with a kosher food scandal that may have affected thousands of residents.

It transpires that Roseman’s Deli, one of the main sources of kosher food on Merseyside, and Gough’s Delicatessen in Prestwich, have been selling non-kosher meat and poultry for an as-yet unknown period of time.

Food sitting in fridges must now be binned, utensils side-lined, ovens kashered, supply lines reassembled. Seldom has an entire city been hit by a kosher crisis like this.

Beyond the immediate cost and disruption to families, there must be a serious investigation into how non-kosher food was sold in good faith as kosher. It’s truly scandalous. 

Part of the premium we pay for is the security and trust of knowing how the food was prepared. 

Let’s hope that they are speedier in remedying such a deeply upsetting situation and they put in-place processes that are clearly lacking to stop it ever happening again.

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