Voice of Jewish Sport

Voice of Jewish Sport

HENTREBLETHERE’S no denying the fact that the Hendon United A team of 2014 are one of the finest teams ever to grace the Maccabi League. Treble winners for the second time – the first club to ever achieve this – they also went through their league campaign unbeaten to become the Jewish ‘Invincibles’. Some may say it’s hard to keep their manager David Garbacz quiet at times, and he certainly does like to engage in banter with opposition managers, but everything he came out with on Sunday was 100 percent correct. Praising his team for their fantastic effort, they do have an undoubted steely spirit and determination about them, they do possess sheer quality in every position, they do play attractive football, and as league chairman David Wolff alluded to, they are a credit to Jewish football. When you’ve won everything on offer – twice now – it is hard to push on, but the continual winning is what sets the absolute beat apart from the sheer greats. A treble-treble is Garbacz’s next challenge. If anyone can, he and his players can…

THE LATEST in a long line of foreign billionaire’s lining themselves up to take charge of an English club is Israeli Teddy Sagi. A corporate box holder at Stamford Bridge, he was spotted flying into Reading’s Madejski Stadium last week, though as well as buying the club, also plans to build a shopping centre and hotel in the stadium’s car park, as well as a housing development on Reading’s Hogwood Park training ground. Making his fortune through Playtech Corp, the software used for bookmakers’ websites and gambling machines, he bought Camden Market for £400m earlier this year. A colourful character, the 41-year-old once dated supermodel Bar Refaeli, and is currently going out with former Miss Israel, Yael Nizri, if he’s lucky he could also bump into Cilla Black once the Championship season starts in August.

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