VIDEO: IsraAid helping with flood relief in the north of England

VIDEO: IsraAid helping with flood relief in the north of England

Israeli aid agency, IsraAid has contributed to the flood relief in the north of England.

Volunteers from Israel, Navonel Glick, Mickey Noam-Alon, Yuval Statman, and Gilad Lavi, have been rebuilding destroyed homes and distributing supplies to affected areas.

Shachar Zahavi, founding director of IsraAid, said they contacted Jewish community in the UK before arrangements were made to send a team.

“We have responded to 10 floods and tornado disasters in the United States and when we saw what was happening to the UK it looked worse than ever before,” he said, in The Tower.

According to Glick, who is heading the mission to Yorkshire and serves as IsraAid’s deputy director, “when the victims realised we had actually travelled from Israel they couldn’t believe it. ’”

“This is an incredible initiative,” said Councillor Judith Chapman, who is Lord Mayor of Leeds.

“I find it heartwarming to see that a delegation from Israel is prepared to drop everything in order to reach out to those in Yorkshire who have been affected by this recent terrible crisis and offer professional aid and support and their technical expertise.

Simon Jackson, who heads the Leeds Jewish Representative Council, also told The Tower: “It’s quite amazing that the humanitarian reach of Israel through IsraelAid stretches all the way to the flood hit region of West Yorkshire”.

Video is from BBC Look North via Sussex Friends of Israel .

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