Vegan protesters daub ‘Kosher Holocaust’ at Orthodox abattoir

Vegan protesters daub ‘Kosher Holocaust’ at Orthodox abattoir

Activists were labelled 'anti-Semitic vandals' after storming a Jewish slaughterhouse in East London

Stephen is the Jewish News' Foreign Editor

Protesters who stormed a kosher abattoir in east London earlier this month have been labelled “anti-Semitic” after daubing the walls with Jewish symbols alongside the words ‘Kosher Holocaust’.

Video uploaded to YouTube shows the group, called East London Chicken Save, protesting at the Kedassia abattoir in Hackney Wick. They were moved on after their first protest, which was peaceful, but later returned, forcing entry and shouting “f****** bastards” at the staff, who they accused of “helping to kill babies”.

Shechita UK director Shimon Cohen said: “We could understand the first protest. We don’t agree with them but if you want to protest against eating animals that is your right. But with the second they have proved they are nothing more than a bunch of anti-Semitic vandals who will end up arrested.”

There are 760 million chickens a year slaughtered in the UK, he said, with just over one million killed according to Jewish religious (shechita) methods. “I wonder why there is such a focus on us,” he added.

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