Uruguay’s Communists to remove anti-Israel mural

Uruguay’s Communists to remove anti-Israel mural

From naughty murals to marrying a Rothschild, if there’s one place you can rely on a good dose of Jewish news, it’s our weekly world round-up – dated 26 August


The anti-Israel mural in Uruguay that a local Communist party agreed to remove

A Communist party in Uruguay has agreed to remove a mural (pictured) accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza. The artwork, alongside a main road in the coastal city of Punta del Este, read: ‘No to the genocide in Gaza’ in Spanish. The city’s Jewish population has grown dramatically in recent years.


The Ontario branch of the Canadian Federation of Students has unanimously voted to boycott Israel as a ‘solidarity tactic called for by Palestinian civil society’. Regional leaders of the organisation, which represents 300,000 students, said Ontario should not ‘remain complicit with Israeli war crimes’.

United States

Hotel heiress Nicky Hilton is to marry James Rothschild in what is being described as ‘a match made in Jewish paparazzi heaven’. James, an heir of the wealthy Jewish banking family whose cousin Nat heads the Rothschild Foundation, got engaged to Paris’ sister during a romantic boating trip.


Kosovo’s 56-member Jewish community has criticised Israel for not recognising it as a state. Albanian Kosovars rescued Jews during the Holocaust, and Jews there say Israel’s recognition would be ‘symobolic’. As of last week, 110 countries had recognised the tiny Muslim state.


Iranian says it is ‘entitled to respond’ after the Revolutionary Guard shot down an Israeli stealth drone it says was spying on enrichment activity at Natanz. Brig.-Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, who said Iran was now learning from the downed vehicle, added: ‘We will accelerate arming the West Bank.’


Tom Cruise will hare around an old Jewish ghetto as agent Ethan Hunt in the latest Mission Impossible film, to be filmed partly in Morocco. The ‘mellah’ in Casablanca, the country’s economic capital, was chosen for filming over other locations. The film will be Cruise’s fifth outing as Hunt.

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