Uri Geller: ‘England will win rugby world cup with my help’

Uri Geller: ‘England will win rugby world cup with my help’

Israeli psychic urges coach Eddie Jones to take him to the competition, declaring he is the answer to team's psychological problems

Uri Geller
Uri Geller

Uri Geller has urged Eddie Jones to take him to the Rugby World Cup after declaring he is the answer to England’s psychological problems.

Jones is to recruit an expert to assist in fixing the recurring theme of his players imploding when in control of matches – a flaw that was exposed at great cost during the recent Guinness Six Nations.

A 31-point lead was thrown away in a 38-38 draw with Scotland at Twickenham on Saturday, while – earlier in the Championship – England were in full command against Wales in Cardiff only to surrender a 10-3 interval advantage as panic set in.

Last autumn, a position of strength of being 15-0 up against New Zealand also ended in defeat, while the first two Tests of the 2018 tour to South Africa followed a similar theme.

Geller, the famous spoon-bending Israeli psychic who in the past has worked with footballers, tennis players and Formula One drivers, believes his mind powers would transform England.

“If I can be with the team at the World Cup, they are going to win. Eddie Jones, if you hear me now, get me to meet the players,” Geller told talkSPORT.

“I’m a huge believer in mind power, in motivation and inspiration, and this is what the team is lacking.

“The invitation is open – Eddie if you’re listening now, I’ll get on a plane, fly over to wherever you are.

“All I need is 10-15 minutes with the players, I will definitely instil powerful energies in them and they will start winning. Energy does exist, this is not mumbo jumbo!

“I use visualisation techniques. It’s a subliminal hypnotic awakening of their mind to activate their adrenaline to make them win. There is no doubt they will win.

“Eddie you’re asking for a psychologist to come in? Well, if you didn’t know, my mother comes from Sigmund Freud’s family, and he was the most famous name in psychology. So get me there, let me psych them up and they will start winning.”


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