UKIP Friends of Israel apologises over ‘insensitive’ logo

UKIP Friends of Israel apologises over ‘insensitive’ logo

ukipUKIP Friends of Israel have issued an apology over its logo which features a pound sign in the centre of a star of David.

The logo – the result of bringing together the magen david and UKIP logos – has existed for three years but after the unfortunate image became a subject of ridicule on Twitter today organisers have promised to rethink it. Linking Jews and Money is one of the oldest tropes used against the Jewish community.

The Friends of Israel in UKIP Twitter feed said: “After three years it’s been pointed out, our logo may be insensitive. We apologise for any offence caused & shall be reconvening our PR committee.”

The group’s chairman Shneur Odze said it had been “more oversight than conspiracy”.

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