Tory councillor suspended for suggesting Mossad behind Labour row

Tory councillor suspended for suggesting Mossad behind Labour row

Stratford-on-Avon councillor Jacqui Harris promoted the claim that Israel is behind Labour's antisemitism scandal.

A Tory councillor in Stratford-on-Avon has been suspended for supporting the claim Mossad agents are posing as Labour members to commit acts of antisemitism as part of a smear campaign.

Conservative Party chairman Brandon Lewis confirmed councillor Jacqui Harris has been suspended from the party.

This comes after she promoted the claim “agents of Israel” are deliberately committing acts of antisemitism to bring down the party.

Barnet Young Labour disability officer Luisa Attfield tweeted on Sunday to condemn an antisemitic Facebook post shared on the group ‘Jeremy Corbyn- True Socialism’.

Sharing screenshots of the post, Attfield wrote: “Tonight I went into the group ‘Jeremy Corbyn- True Socialism’ , this is the first post I saw.

“Antisemitism is rampant and it is being done in your name @jeremycorbyn.”

In response, Harris wrote approvingly: “Spot on, don’t you find it timely that this was encouraged fanned and exploded just before the release of the report on Israel and war crimes?”

South Warwickshire Conservatives reported receiving a number of messages about the councillor, adding: “We have zero tolerance for antisemitism in the Conservative Party.”


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