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The lighter side

Brigit Grant looks at this week’s buys, laughs and people

Brigit Grant is the Jewish News Supplements Editor

The very best Bracelet

Natasha Davidov looks like a woman with good taste. Sleek and confident, she makes you wish you’d worn pearls, which is a good thing because she sells them along with finely crafted jewellery designed for her brand Davidov London.

Her collection is full of fab pieces, but none more so than the Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet (£30), which is not only  pretty, but serves a vital purpose.

“It was designed to help women monitor patterns in their baby’s movements and notice when those patterns change,” explains Natasha. “Changes in movement can highlight problems requiring medical intervention and with each bead corresponding to a single movement, it is possible to monitor the bumps and keep track of the changes. One mother saved her baby by being induced because the tracking provided by the bracelet enabled her to inform the hospital about the movement.”

The Aska bracelet came from a collaboration with Louise Macleod, a creative NHS worker who had the idea during her pregnancy and wanted to reduce still birth rates by encouraging and motivating women to notice changes sooner.

Natasha Davidov

“I named the bracelet after Ivo Andric’s story, Aska and the Wolf’ which was special to me as a child,” says Natasha whose family history dates back to 19th century Odessa before the emigration to Hungary, then Serbia where she was born. “The heroine is Aska, a lamb who ballet dances her way out of a wolf’s clutches. It taught me at a young age, you can fight for life, dreams and creativity.”

Launched in April, the Aska maternity movement bracelet is made  of moonstone, rose quartz and amazonite and includes a white freshwater pearl to signify where to start counting each morning.

With the addition of a sterling silver or gold-plated charm, which can be engraved with the baby’s name, or mum-to-be’s initials, Natasha hopes the bracelet will offer recipients joy  and confidence at a time when being pregnant isn’t easy.

“It’s a lovely baby shower gift that serves as sentimental memento with a genuine life saving function.” and for luxury jewellery,


If You Knew Suzy

For a boutique on the doorstep it’s hard to beat Suzy D. Women drive for miles to reach Bushey and locals on the school run always drop by to buy a T-shirt or hippie summer skirt.

But with restricted travel, closed schools and the shop shut, what’s a girl to do?

Go to the website of course, where all the usual Suzy D fashion suspects are available to peruse and buy.

Owner Suzanne Douani knows how to dress down stylishly and her 100% cotton ultimate joggers in multiple colours have been flying out, with the tees and lightweight knits close behind.

The clothes are all made in Italy, so Suzanne is thrilled the factory is opening this week as there’s spring 2021 to think about.

Hopefully we’ll be out by then and when we do, what will Suzanne be wearing? “One of my fabulous printed shirts and jeans – if they ever fit me again.” for a 25% discount.


Gwyn and bear it

Gwyneth Paltrow is baffling. Since launching her lifestyle brand Goop for the rich and ridiculous, the Jewish actress seems to have consciously uncoupled with reality and cast herself as a deluded dart board at which those with less money and more brain can throw pointed abuse.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Earlier this year she was selling a candle named after her nether regions which must have terrified her Jewish husband TV’s Glee creator Brad Falchuk, but her penchant for pushing overpriced products has not stopped despite the furloughing of the film industry so check out Stella McCartney loop sneakers for £501 for dog schlepping and Heather Taylor Home designer face masks at $50 a pack.

Gwyn has also decided a global virus is no reason to stop pushing Goop Glow masks (£112) as exfoliation is a pandemic priority. To her credit, Goop-Falchuk refused to take the government’s offer to pay staff at her London store, so feel free to peruse the sale, where Sonia Rykiel trousers are only £383! 

Isolation Lips

The words ‘lockdown lips’ sound like an oxymoron on a page for Jewish women, so let’s focus on the best lipstick for ‘Houseparties’ and ‘team’ meetings. Just as the labels on bottles always take me to wine, so do the names of cosmetics. So for lockdown I’m choosing Jane Iredale’s Lip Drink ‘Pout’ and ‘Giddy’ (£12), which contain carrot seed and avocado oils and SPF 15 sun protection.

Jane Iredale for lockdown lips


With Rocky-style fights for supermarket deliveries, and kosher chickens as elusive as a dodo, is a gift. The kosher delivery firm sends groceries across the country and before Passover even got matzah to the Isle of Wight.

Owner Shlomo Grosskopf realised the need for when he failed to find kosher food on a UK holiday.”Everyone should be able to buy kosher affordably regardless of where they live and we’re cheaper because we bulk buy.” Special packaging ensures all food stays fresh and a courier service alerts its arrival. “I think sure those who buy Sabeny now will do so in the future,” chirps Shlomo.

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Where there’s a will, there’s OY VEY

Shop til you drop..

Last night I went to Brent Cross. The parking was easy, not a 4X4 in sight and I sailed silently through John Lewis’ spring collection – (mostly florals and puff sleeves) before meeting a friend at Lola’s cupcakes.

Unfortunately the friend never arrived because one can’t invite pals into dreams in the way you can to Houseparty.

Shame about that, because lockdown has forced shopacholics to secretly drive past Brent Cross to sniff the air or admit their consumer withdrawal anxiety to other Jewish women on social media shtels. The advice on Jewish Women Talk About Anything is to look for the danger signs, so if you wake up convinced you bought a diffuser in The White Company or underwear in M&S, don’t look for the receipt – get help.

BC19 (Before Covid 19), which is a cheerier acronym for the virus that has attacked the world than DDSL (destroyed daughter’s social life), I never knew I could host a soiree without kvetching in the kitchen all day and tidying the house. Now thanks to the aforementioned Houseparty I can invite everyone, leave the lounge littered, mute the meshugenas and get rid of all the guests by simply pressing ‘End Party’. No more buttering bagels and refilling glasses in these unprecedented times, as I can now serve virtual fishballs in a schlocky sitting room knowing there will be no lingering Jewish goodbyes in the hall.

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