Swiss Jewish leader: I didn’t leak mayor’s nude selfies

Swiss Jewish leader: I didn’t leak mayor’s nude selfies

When the Jewish world becomes dull, we’ll stop bringing you our weekly world Jewish news roundup. But when you have pro-Palestinian town hall leaders accusing prominent Jews of leaking naughty pics of them in nought but their birthday suit, that day still seems some way off.


Latest figures have revealed thousands of French Jews making aliyah in recent months, following a wave on anti-Semitism in the country. Over 4,500 French Jews moved to Israel in 2014, marking a 25-year high. Officials say hostility, combined with a weak economy, are the main reasons behind the rise.


Franz Marc’s Pferde in Landschaft, one of the 1,400 Nazi-looted artworks discovered in Cornelius Gurlitt’s Munich flat in 2012

A new book based on 14 years’ research claims Jack the Ripper was a poor 23-year-old Polish Jew called Aaron Kosminski, whose family lived in Whitechapel. Author Russell Edwards used cutting-edge techniques to analyse the serial murderer’s DNA, taken from a victim’s shawl bought at auction in 2007.


Estate executors have revealed that a Monet painting was found in the suitcase that German art collector Cornelius Gurlitt (pictured) took to hospital before he died. Gurlitt, whose collection of 1,406 Nazi-looted art pieces was discovered in 2012, died in May after surgery. The horde has been valued at over 1 billion Euros.


A Jewish community leader in the Swiss city of Baden has denied leaking nude ‘selfies’ of a local pro-Palestinian mayor. Josef Bollag, who runs a pro-Israel media watchdog, was questioned by police about his role in disseminating photos of Mayor Geri Muller, who was forced to step down temporarily.


Hundreds people attended the funeral of a Jewish businessman killed in war-torn east Ukraine after pro-Russian militants tried to loot his home. George (Eliyahu) Zilberbord, 47, was shot dead by masked men in Donetsk. He was a local Jewish community leader and had been critical of Russian intervention.


A memorial to 13,700 European Jews who fled to China during the Holocaust has been unveiled at the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum. It includes statues of six Jewish refugees, symbolising the 6 million Jews killed, together with a 110ft copper wall inscribed with the names of the Jews who found safety in the city.

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