WeSwap best budget trips
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WeSwap best budget trips

WeSwap, the new way to get your travel money by swapping with fellow travellers, reveals where to get the best value, right now...

Where to go for your next overseas jaunt?

Best Value Destination For Students…


With a great variety of accommodation options, there is something for everyone and in good locations too, but Budapest boasts decent hostels with prices per night from £15, which is naturally a draw for students.

The nightlife also comes cheap, with the city’s famous ruin pubs and an arty and hipster atmosphere appealing to the younger audience. District VII in particular has a great mix of locals and travellers and is the go-to hang-out for students on the lookout for some fun. Plus with a pint at £1.06 on average, it beats the competition from Amsterdam, Ibiza and Berlin hands down.

That said, Budapest is steeped in culture and visitors will enjoy its complex history and impressive architecture, including synagogues, Buda Castle and the beautiful river.

“Budapest completely blew me away,” admits Liam Clarke, the content editor of the digital social currency platform WeSwap.

“I knew it was going to be cheap but I didn’t expect it to be so rich in culture and experience. I swapped £200 for four nights and did everything I wanted. Great restaurants, fantastic museums, a cruise down the Danube and, of course, an afternoon in District VII’s super-trendy ruin pubs.

“It’s easy to see why it’s called the Paris of the East. It’s the perfect long-weekend destination.”

Best Value Destination For Families with young children… 


Boasting a variety of hotels to suit every taste and budget, Malta is the perfect destination for families on the lookout for fun, sun and as much relaxation as children allow.

Beautiful beaches, many of which are part of individual resorts, provide lots of opportunities for sandcastle-making, while an array of cultural and historical attractions will keep boredom at bay. Families can follow all their desires,  from attending concerts, trying their hand at watersports, visiting the many and varied water parks and theme parks or watching a carnival, while alcohol is comparably inexpensive too; good to know for those who fancy a nightcap once the children are tucked up in bed.

Plus, not only are restaurants affordable with decent food a steal at €10 per person in some establishments, but lovely four-star hotels start from as little as £100 per night for a family of four.

Weswap comparison
Weswap comparison

Best Value Destination For Couples…


With Portugal’s national airline TAP Airways comparable in price to our budget brands, flying to Lisbon needn’t break the bank; in fact it comes in as the cheapest Western European city break.

Then throw in picturesque walks through the city, beautiful views and cobbled streets oozing romance and it’s no wonder that couples flock to this attractive city year-round.

For those on a budget, the numerous hostels start from as little as €40 per night, although for just €20 more you can find yourself an array of charming boutique-hotel options.

The buzzy cafes lining the streets will serve a substantial lunch for €10, and with dinner averaging €25 per person, romance can come cheap in the Portuguese capital.

Best Value Destination For Thrill Seekers…


It may be one of the less popular skiing locations, but Andorra is also much cheaper than its better-known counterparts and off-season – that is, before September and after April – it still offers great snow.

Skiing is traditionally believed to be an expensive sport, but here it really doesn’t need to break the bank. Granted, so ski passes may be the same wherever you go, but food, drinks and hotels carry a much less eye-watering price tag. Oh, and it’s tax-free, meaning alcohol is a bargain; just perfect for the après ski.

“I genuinely didn’t think budget ski trips were a possibility before I went to this little province between Spain and France,” admits Clarke.

“The ski passes have gone up in the past couple of years but they now cover a vast area, meaning you wouldn’t really need to ski the same slope twice. There’s no duty-free tax in Andorra so the supermarkets are cheap; this combined with plenty of Airbnb options means spending money can be kept to a minimum.”

Best Value Destination for expensive city on a budget…


For starters, getting to Copenhagen is inexpensive, with the average return flight from London in June at £22.

Then when you arrive, the brilliant Copenhagen Card gives free admission to more than 70 museums and attractions, plus free public transport and restaurant discounts. Or hire a bike and cycle round the city.

There is Michelin dining, but cheaper alternatives too. Street food is varied and high quality. And you can rent an apartment instead of a hotel.

“The Danish capital’s reputation for being super expensive isn’t entirely deserved. With just a bit of planning it’s really very easy to get a premium stay for much less than the usual tourist hotspots,” explains WeSwap brand manager Stephanie Meyer-Scott.

“This has a lot to do with the Danes’ focus on quality; you’d be hard pressed to find a bad meal or bad accommodation. There are lots of brilliant boutique hotels, many available for £60 a night or less. Failing that, the Airbnb options in Copenhagen are some of the most stylish in Europe. And food is exceptional. If you want to try the famous “New Nordic” cuisine but don’t want to go for the super pricey options like Michelin-starred noma or Geranium, try Oliver and the Black Circus or Almanak in the Standard at Nyhavn, which both serve delicious food for more reasonable prices. Copenhagen has probably got one of the best quality-to-price ratios of any city.”

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