Hate in Southgate: Norwood shop targeted and shul window smashed

Hate in Southgate: Norwood shop targeted and shul window smashed

North London witnessed more sick anti-Semitism last week after a brick was thrown through the window of Cockfosters & N Southgate Synagogue.

1A member of staff at the shul on Old Farm Avenue in Southgate confirmed the reports, adding: “We’re just pleased no one was hurt.”

A CST spokesman confirmed that there had been other such incidents at synagogues in Muswell Hill, Kingston and Hove and noted that it was part of a spike in anti-Semitism since Israel’s military operation in Gaza.

In addition, a nearby Norwood charity shop was also subject to a provocative attack in which three posters in support of Gaza were plastered on its windows.

The matter has since been handed over to police, who are reviewing CCTV images of the man involved.

Carol Levy, who manages the charity’s shops, said this was not the first shop to be targeted, with a second example of hate crime recorded at Norwood’s Edgware store as well.

A Norwood spokesperson said: “It is very distressing that these attacks have been made on a charity that supports some of the most vulnerable members of the community.  Our shops provide vital income to help us support those who need our help. 

“People who work in our shops are largely volunteers and give their time for free.  The reason they do this is to put something good back into the community as a whole.  It is extremely unfair and unjust for them or the charity to be subject to these attacks.”

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