Shoah education to be considered for Wisconsin School

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Shoah education to be considered for Wisconsin School

US state will become latest to legally incorporate study of the Holocaust tot eh curriculum

Auschwitz. (Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire)
Auschwitz. (Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire)

Wisconsin is set to become the latest US state to legally incorporate the study of the Holocaust in schools after law- makers expressed support for a new law.

If they enact the legislation, the state will become the twelfth to incorporate the subject matter into social studies academic standards with a legal requirement to develop both a curriculum and instructional materials to do so.

Any new law would apply to both public and private schools, similar to laws already in effect in states such as Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky and Oregon.

The bill would allow them to dedicate one to two weeks to focus on the Holocaust and other genocides and integrate it into multiple subjects such as English.

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