Scottish Jewry given grant to assess anti-Israel effect

Scottish Jewry given grant to assess anti-Israel effect

Grant money will be used to seek feedback from groups like this in Dunoon, part of the 2012 ‘Being Jewish in Scotland’ outreach project

The Scottish government has approved a grant for the Scottish Jewish community to assess the extent of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel feeling together with the effect this has had on the country’s Jews.

The new money comes amid concern that this summer’s hostilities in Gaza increased the number of anti-Semitic incidents to the highest level in three years, with 50 incidents in three months.

Contacts made during the 2012 ‘Being Jewish in Scotland’ study will be asked about their most recent experiences, with a Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC) report planned for the end of March.

“We recognise that this grant, particularly at a time of very tight budgetary constraints, is an indication of how seriously the Scottish Government is taking the current situation,” said Outreach Manager Fiona Frank.

Scottish minister Rosanna Cunningham said: “I am delighted to be able to support further work on the project to allow us to better understand the experiences of the Jewish community.

“Our vision is to build a Scotland where people of all faiths and backgrounds can live together without fear, prejudice or harassment.”

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