Sarit Hadad: ‘Music has no religion’

Sarit Hadad: ‘Music has no religion’

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Sarit Hadad during a performance in 2013
Sarit Hadad during a performance in 2013

Israeli singer Sarit Hadad, who has performed professionally since she was 16, has an incredible 22 albums to her name. She chats to Fiona Leckerman about her chart-topping career ahead of her headline performance at the ZF’s Yom Haa’tmaut celebrations…

Sarit Hadad during a performance in 2013
Sarit Hadad during a performance in 2013

Adored Israeli songstress Sarit Hadad will take to the stage in London as part of the ZF Yom Haa’tmaut celebrations. The MTV European Music Award winner and judge on the first series of The Voice Israel – who counts Madonna among her fan – will play her second concert in London, 10 years after her debut at Wembley Arena back in 2005.

On returning to the UK, Sarit says: “It’s always good to be back and enjoy the love from my audience. It’s amazing every time to go on stage and see the crowd singing my songs and taking the time to have fun.”

She adds: “It will be so nice to be in London for Yom Haa’tzmaut, I still remember the crowd lifting up Israeli flags and connecting to Israel on this special evening. It was a great warm experience and a big celebration. I can’t wait to feel that again.”

After performing for Jewish communities all over Europe and America, Hadad reflects: “If I’m being honest for me, every audience is the same, as I feel that music connects people. As long as I can see and get the love back from the audience I’m happy.”

Performing professionally since she was 16 and with 22 albums to her name, she confesses how, at the tender age of eight, she that music was what she was born to do. “I grew up in a musical family. Everyone was always dancing and singing. I thank God I have been blessed with this talent and can share it with people.” But Hadad concedes: “It also takes faith and determination to get where I am today.”

Her talents go beyond just singing: “I play almost every instrument by ear, without having to read the notes. I play drums, guitar, melodika and darbuka, I can’t help trying every instrument.

“Music has no religion, no mother and father. Music is in everyone’s heart and soul and for me, music is life.”

She recently released a self-titled album, Sarit Hadad. “I feel that this album is very special. This time I was more involved with the production, with every sound and note. I am very proud of this album.”

Chart topping Sarit Haddad will headline the ZF’s celebrations of Israel’s 67th birthday on 23 April, sharing the line up alongside West End performer Israel Ernest, who has starred in Les Miserables, My Fair Lady and Chicago.

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