Fakin’ bacon! It’s salmon, but not as we know it

Fakin’ bacon! It’s salmon, but not as we know it

Oy vey..

Salmon that tastes like traditional smoked bacon is set to hit British supermarket shelves in the near future, with chefs predicting it will catch on.

Already a hit in Canada and Hong Kong, makers MacKnight say it is a healthier alternative to the fatty staple, with obvious benefits to those following a kosher diet.

“It crisps like bacon, is as versatile, and makes a great breakfast bun with brown sauce,” a company spokesman said.

We’re convinced it is going to be a healthy lifestyle option – it’s high in omega 3 fatty acids that are good for the heart.”

But Jews longing for the taste of the forbidden bacon sandwich may only get halfway there with this product, after food critics blasted it as “bland and dreary”.

Tom Parker Bowles said it was what you’d get “if bacon slices suddenly turned a light orange and smelled of fish” and said that, upon entering the frying pan, “it tensed and dried up, and started to resemble overcooked farmed salmon”. 

He concluded: “It’s bland and dreary and miles removed from bacon. Why bother?”

However Wembley-based chef Jerome Davidson said: “You can taste the smoky flavour. It’s similar to bacon and there’s no fat, so it will catch on.”

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