Royal Yachting Association seek inquiry into Israeli no-show in Malaysia

Royal Yachting Association seek inquiry into Israeli no-show in Malaysia

SAILING2The Royal Yachting Association has issued a statement insisting an investigation be carried out into the recent Youth Sailing World Championships held in Malaysia, which saw Israeli competitors unable to compete as they were refused visas.

The statement read: “The RYA shares the global concern over events which transpired to prevent the Israeli team from competing at the recent Youth World Sailing Championships in Malaysia. At the same time, it is encouraging to see the international show of support for the young athletes concerned who have missed out on the opportunity of World Championship competition for reasons outside their control.

“The World Sailing constitution is unequivocal that the sport is to be open for participation by all, on equal terms, without regard for race, religion, or any other factor. The obligation to uphold this principle applies to all Member National Authorities and is especially important in events involving future generations of sailors. As such, the RYA asks that the investigation be swiftly and thoroughly concluded, and its findings shared transparently with the full World Sailing family.”

World Sailing, of which the tournament was held under its auspices, also recently released a statement, which demanded an immediate full explanation from both the Malaysian and Israeli Sailing Organisations (Member National Authorities) on the issue.

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