Rov / Rov and Rebbetzin Couple for Kehillas Toras Chaim

Rov / Rov and Rebbetzin Couple for Kehillas Toras Chaim

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Kehillas Toras Chaim is a young, well-established orthodox community of some 100 diverse families, founded on commitment to Torah and Mitzvos, family values and Chessed.

Based in the heart of Hendon, we are looking to recruit a Rov / Rov and Rebbetzin couple to grow the Kehillah numerically and in terms of commitment to Yiddishkeit.

The ideal Rov will be a highly approachable, engaging and articulate Talmid Chochom and Posek who will guide our Kehillah in its spiritual development, while caring for the broad Torah, educational and pastoral needs of all our members. The ideal Rebbetzin will support the Rov in engaging all members of our Kehillah and will be sensitive, collaborative and welcoming.

For an application form, fuller job description and specifications please email

All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence. The closing date for applications is Sunday 29th September 2019.

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