Roundup of world Jewish news

Roundup of world Jewish news

From auctioning your Jewish soul in the United States (what will they think of next…) to 64 year old Polish lawyers celebrating their bar mitzvah, we bring you the latest in Jewish news from around the world – dated 4th June.

United States

Auction website Ebay has pulled a former Orthodox man’s offer for his portion in olam habah (heaven) after bidding reached $100,000. Ari Mandel, 31, guaranteed the winner his ‘timeshare’ in the skies and promised to keep the spot open by staying free from sin. Bidding started at 99 cents.


Israeli President Shimon Peres was honoured in his home town of Vishneyeva in Belarus, ahead of his 90th birthday in August. Festivities included the unveiling of a photo exhibition and a plaque. A memorial service remembered the 2,000 Jews of Vishnyeva who died in the Holocaust.


The Anti-Defamation League has described “deeply offensive and appalling” a cartoon appearing in the Norwegian daily Dagbladet, mocking Jewish ritual circumcision. The cartoon shows a bloodied baby lying on a table with his toes being cut off with pruning shears.


The annual Jewish Muslim Comedy Debate was held with the title ‘Sport is not a Religion.’ The Jewish team ultimately won the debate, after Deputy Commissioner of Police was brought in to toss the coin, ensuring complete impartiality.


Jewish community groups have praised the Canadian government’s decision to ban nearly all trade with Iran, after the Foreign Affairs Minister cited “grave and sincere concerns over its nuclear program, an abhorrent human rights records and continued support for international terrorism”.


A 64-year old Polish lawyer has celebrated his bar mitzvah, after he found out that he was in fact Jewish, not Catholic. Mariusz Robert Aoflko’s mother revealed his true identity 13 years ago, on her deathbed. She had hidden her Jewish identity through fears of anti-Semitism, she said.

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