Rocket fired from Gaza hits home of British-Israeli family in Israel

Rocket fired from Gaza hits home of British-Israeli family in Israel

Former Londoners Robert and Susan Wolf were at home with their grandchildren, son and daughter-in-law when Hamas destroyed their home

AP Photo/Ariel Schalit
AP Photo/Ariel Schalit

The long-range rocket fired from Gaza which landed in Mishmeret destroyed the home of a British-Israeli family, wounding several members on Monday morning.

Robert and Susan Wolf were at home with their grandchildren, along with their son and daughter-in-law when a rocket struck their home, the Telegraph reported.

Susan Wolf, 60, is in hospital with shrapnel wounds, along with a six-month-old girl believed to be her granddaughter.

The family, originally from London, made aliyah over 20 years ago and moved to Mishmeret, 25 km north of Tel Aviv, where Robert Wolf reportedly runs a glass company.

“They’re very kind people, very nice and very into the community. They are open-minded good people,” a neighbour told the British newspaper.

Seven people were wounded in the blast, but four have been discharged from hospital.

None of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening, according to Israeli authorities.

A German shepherd and a bulldog believed to have belonged to the family were killed in the attack, a neighbour told the Telegraph.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu will return from the US after meeting with President Donald Trump and has cancelled his speech at the 2019 AIPAC conference tomorrow.

“There has been a criminal attack on the State of Israel and we will respond forcefully. In light of the security events I have decided to cut short my visit to the US,” Netanyahu said.

“In a few hours I will meet with President Trump. I will return to Israel immediately afterwards in order to manage our actions from close at hand.”

Alistair Burt, minister of state for the Middle East, said: “I condemn the rocket attack from Gaza, which destroyed a family home in Mishmeret with innocent civilians inside.

“Shocked to hear that dual British-Israeli citizens are among those injured.

“Such acts are unacceptable and part of a hopeless cycle of violence and suffering.”

British ambassador to Israel David Quarrey tweeted: “We unequivocally condemn today’s rocket attack into Israel from Gaza.

“Our thoughts are with the British-Israeli family whose house in Mishmeret was hit. There can be no justification of any kind for this attack, whose consequences could have been devastating.”

Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl has said: “I strongly condemn the rockets fired from Gaza which have wounded at least seven Israelis, among them three children – an infant, a three-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl. These indiscriminate attacks designed to inflict death and injury on civilians are something no country can tolerate. Our commitment to the State of Israel’s right to defend its borders and civilians is resolute.”

The attack came 10 days after rockets were fired from Gaza towards Tel Aviv.

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