Richard Desmond ‘donates £300,000’ to UKIP

Richard Desmond ‘donates £300,000’ to UKIP

Richard Desmond, who is reportedly considering putting Channel 5 up for sale with a price tag of more than £700 million.
Richard Desmond, who has reportedly donated £300,000 to UKIP.

Nigel Farage’s general election war chest has been boosted by a reported £300,000 donation pledge from newspaper proprietor Richard Desmond.

Mr Desmond is believed to have discussed the gift at a meeting with the UKIP leader earlier this month. Sky News said it was not clear whether the money had yet been handed over.

The Daily Express and Sunday Express have been strongly supportive of Ukip’s stance on immigration and Europe.

A UKIP spokesman said: “We do not discuss donations. If we receive them we report them to the Electoral Commission in accordance with legislation.”


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