Red substance daubed on Brighton synagogue

Red substance daubed on Brighton synagogue

The incident happened at the Middle Street Synagogue - a Grade II listed 144-year-old building

A red substance has been thrown over a historic synagogue in Brighton, though police do not believe it is malicious.

Worshippers found the doors to the 144-year-old building had been splashed with a dark liquid – with the incident reportedly happening more than 10 days ago according to local group, Sussex Friends of Israel.

It happened at the Middle Street Synagogue – a Grade II listed building – in the East Sussex city.

Sussex Police told Jewish News: “This hadn’t been reported to us, but it had come to our attention and we visited the synagogue on Sunday (November 11). However, it appears that the ‘paint’ was a red drink and given the central city location, this was not believed to be malicious.

“It was also suggested that posters were ripped down outside the location, but CCTV shows this to have been caused by the weather. The exact timing of the incident is unclear, but is understood to have taken place 7-10 days ago.”

Stephen Silverman, Director of Investigations and Enforcement at Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “We will be in touch with Sussex Police. Whether the red liquid splashed across the synagogue doors was paint or something else does not reduce the need for them to investigate, unless they are suggesting that it is perfectly normal for Sussex residents to discover red liquid splatted across their doors on a Friday morning. It should not be forgotten that, earlier this year, a prominent Labour activist called for a march on a synagogue nearby.”

Photo by Lyn Julius of red paint which has been thrown over Middle Street Synagogue in Brighton on the eve of the anniversary of Kristallnacht. (Photo credit:PA Wire)
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