Prime Minister backs Jewish News’ ‘inspiring’ interfaith initiative

Prime Minister backs Jewish News’ ‘inspiring’ interfaith initiative

Theresa May lauds scheme co-sponsored by media from Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities as something that shows 'religion can be an important force for good'

Prime Minister Theresa May
Prime Minister Theresa May

The prime minister has praised a joint Jewish, Christian and Muslim effort to celebrate young people under the age of 35 from each faith community who are spear-heading inter-faith dialogue.

In a statement on Wednesday, Theresa May lauded the initiative, co-sponsored by Jewish News, Church Times and British Muslim TV, ahead of a nominations for “those shaping interfaith cooperation in Britain”.

“While religion is often used to draw dividing lines between us, the truth is that Jews, Christians and Muslims share many values, principles and beliefs,” she said.

“By highlighting the work of 21 inspirational young people this initiative will do much to break down artificial barriers between faiths, helping us to build stronger communities and showing the world that, when we all stand together, religion can be an important force for good.”

The three media outlets joined forces with Coexist House in the task of identifying seven 21st century leaders from each faith. They may be leading projects, running organisations or creating dialogue.

Those featured on the final list – selected by a distinguished panel of faith leaders and Downing Street adviser Jonathan Hellewell, chaired by Andrew Gilbert, – will be profiled in the news and invited to a reception at Lambeth Palace in November.

“The narrative of faiths in constant conflict is all too dominant today, often perpetuated by the media,” a spokesman for the project said.

“Through this unique collaboration, we look forward to shining a light on those demonstrating in their work and their lives how their faith makes them more open, not less, to friendships and social action across cultural boundaries.”

The project will conclude around national Interfaith Week and, fittingly, close to the 70th birthday of Prince Charles, who has made furthering interfaith relations a priority.

  • Nominations can now be submitted via  until 29 June.

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