Political leaders offer Mitzvah Day boost

Political leaders offer Mitzvah Day boost

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With just days to go until the Jewish day of social action, Mitzvah day, the community received warm encouragement from political leaders.

With just a few days until 16 November it’s not too late to sign up. Just visit www.mitzvahday.org.uk

Prime Minister David Cameron said: 

David Cameron
David Cameron

“Mitzvah Day is a wonderful example of how people from all faiths and backgrounds join together for the shared purpose of a greater good. 

Days like this show that while there is tragedy and suffering in our world, there is also great kindness and understanding. On Mitzvah Day, ordinary people go out and do extraordinary things to help the vulnerable or those in need, such as The Sunshine for Seniors project, where volunteers bring joy to older people by visiting care homes, helping with their shopping or singing in a choir to lift their spirits.

Then there’s the Put on your Wellies project where people, young and old go out with brooms and buckets to help clean up local parks and community buildings, improving the environment for everyone. All of these good deeds and so many more done in the name of Mitzvah Day help make Britain a better place to live. 

It makes me enormously proud that last year almost 35,000 people took part across the country and I hope even more people will embrace it this year as an opportunity to make a real difference to their neighbourhoods.”

Ed MilibandLabour Leader Ed Miliband said: 

“I am delighted to take this opportunity to support Mitzvah Day. This day is an admirable example of how people from different faiths and backgrounds come together to support social action initiatives which promote Jewish values such as communal responsibility and solidarity. These are values that the Labour party shares, and my vision of a united One Nation Britain. 

Mitzvah Day is a time when these values are promoted through affirmative action such as donating food to people in need, cleaning the local cemetery and litter picking. This initiative has continued to grow in size and will continue to do so with the help of the tens of thousands of people who volunteer every year. 

I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the organising events across the country for Mitzvah Day, and of course all the volunteers who make it possible. I hope you have an enjoyable day.” 

Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, said:

“Mitzvah Day is a chance for people, from all faiths and none, to come together and help others in need. nick clegg

Such is the difference that this work makes, in bringing people closer and strengthening local communities, that this day of social action has grown to become Mitzvah Day 365 – a year long programme of projects, with tens of thousands of volunteers giving their time and support.

Everyone can make a difference: with teams at work donating their lunches; people putting on their wellies to clean up parklands, cemeteries and other community spaces; and many reaching out to spend time with those feeling isolated and alone.

So this November 16, if you’re interested, get involved. Thank you to everyone taking part in this year’s Mitzvah 365, your kindness is changing lives. Have a great Mitzvah Day.”

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson said:

“Mitzvah Day is a wonderful example of how giving one’s time can make a huge difference to people’s lives. This is something we are also encouraging through our Team London volunteering programme. Get involved – as well as benefiting your local community, you will meet new people and even pick up new skills.”

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