Petition to remove George Galloway gains over 1000 signatures

Petition to remove George Galloway gains over 1000 signatures

George Galloway
George Galloway

A petition calling for anti-Israel MP George Galloway to be kicked out of parliament has attracted over 1,160 signatures in a matter of days.

George Galloway provoked fury and a police investigation by declaring his constituency Bradford 'an Israel-free zone'.
George Galloway p .

The online campaign to oust the left-wing representative for Bradford West comes just days after Galloway was beaten up by an Israel supporter in west London.

The grassroots initiative follows inflammatory remarks by Galloway at a public meeting, in which he blasted Israel for its actions in Gaza and urged those present to declare the city an “Israel-free zone”. 

Those comments led to a police interview, following allegations that the speech amounted to incitement to racial hatred.

“He is unfit to hold the prestigious office of, and the benefits that accrue from being, a Member of Parliament,” said the petition’s originator Edward Moss, who described Galloway’s comments as “rantings and ravings”. 

Moss added:  

“He [Galloway] should be removed as a MP immediately for both his unbridled racism towards Jewish people, for wishing to deny his constituents life-saving medical products and for bringing the Houses of Parliament into disrepute.”

In the immediate aftermath of Galloway’s ill-fated declaration that no Israelis were welcome in Bradford, dozens of people – including the Israeli ambassador – headed north, posting photos of themselves holding Israeli flags outside public buildings.

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