Pesach on the high street: Why is there a price difference?

Pesach on the high street: Why is there a price difference?

Golders Green was throbbing this week, writes Angie Jacobs.

Cars quadruple parked, traffic wardens going home by lunch time because they’d already made enough money and more bickering couples than in Ikea on a bank holiday.

Pesach is upon us and it’s the Jewish equivalent of Christmas Eve shopping.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 09.31.20I was keen to find out how the community feels about this year’s prices for kosher Pesach goods.

So I went to Kosher Kingdom to ask my own four questions:

“What’s your name?

Where do you come from?

How was your shopping experience?

And can you afford to eat for the other 51 weeks of the year?”


Marianna from west London was the first person kind enough to speak to me:

“Not as bad as I thought. Good offers, better than Waitrose.”

Mr and Mrs Feldman from West London were customers less satisfied:

“Just grab and go, no options. The gluten-free matzot are £12 to £14. It’s a racket.”

Mrs Green from NW11 was a much happier shopper: “It’s great, competitive. An asset to my Pesach.”

People travelled from afar to reach this kosher metropolis.Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 09.31.58

However, Michael Rudd from Bedford was “horrified” that he’d paid so much for so little. “On the other hand,” he continued, “for years I’d dreaded going to kosher shops, but that was very civilised.”

Elizabeth Sloane from Golders Green and Andy Reggio from Hendon, though not together, used kidnapping imagery to describe their experiences.

“Horrendous, really hiked up prices,” said Ms Sloane, “they’ve got you where they want you.”

Reggio added: “Wonderful selection, but we’re held to ransom by some of the prices.”

Everyone I spoke to enthused about the Kosher Kingdom experience.

The service from Nomi and her team was warm and friendly, there were plenty of staff and the sweets at the checkouts were a nice touch.

A jar of Nutella might have been nicer though.

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