World scouting body: Palestinian group not heralding terrorists

World scouting body: Palestinian group not heralding terrorists

Group honouring terrorist was nothing to do with the Palestinian Scouts Association, says world body

The world body for scouting has defended the Palestinian Scouts Association after it was accused of glorifying terrorists.

It follows an investigation this week by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) into allegations that Palestinian scouts had named a training programme after a terrorist who killed three people in Israel last year.

In a statement, the world body said: “We have investigated the recent allegations against one of our members and we are able to confirm that the group concerned is not a member of the Palestinian Scout Association or recognised by WOSM.”

It added: “We are extremely disappointed that the good name of both organisations has been abused in this way.”

The son of one of the October 2015 victims had earlier called for the Palestinians to be kicked out of the WOSM, after claims by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) that the PSA was glorifying Baha Alyan, one of two perpetrators.

Micah Lakin Avni, whose 76-year old father was killed on the bus in Jerusalem, accused the WOSM of “effectively co-sponsoring this terror-promoting course”.

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