OPINION: More than ever students need to stand up and be counted

OPINION: More than ever students need to stand up and be counted

Joshua Rom
Joshua Rom

by Josh Rom, Nottingham University 

Joshua Rom
Joshua Rom

I often hear the question when the bubbalas phone their worrying mothers “How am I supposed to take on a degree, maintain a social life, stay happy with hobbies, decide on a career choice and still go to Friday Night Dinner?”

University is a time to explore, don’t take on too much yet take on too much.

This might not make sense but this is how we can make a difference.

Whether you are an activist, a media obsessive or just want to explore a new hobby such as yoga, all this activity means that we as play an active part in the student community and we are doing the things in which we love.

However you may not realize this because everyone knows everyone and thus the world seems like a very small place to the Jewish student, but there is a very large Jewish student community and instead of the cliques and judgment we need to support each other in the face of backlash from the ignorant people.

This was proven in the case of Izzy Lenga. Partaking in a public student union position is tough but the backlash that she received at the hands of vile anti-Semitic idiots because of pointing out a sticker on Birmingham campus exalting ‘Hitler was right’ is more than unfair.

But her handling of the abuse is what is the most impressive thing and instead of cowering away from the abuse, she is facing it head on with the support of students up and down the country.

She is an example of what we should look up to, speaking up and making a stand of what she believes. If we come across this sort of thing in the future, do not cower away, stand up and make a difference.

Events such as Booze for Jews, which is by far, the biggest night of the year in the calendar of the Jewish Student, show us how we can come together.

Nottingham’s night came and went a few weeks ago. Last year over 900 students from all over the UK made up the momentous event and this year’s was even bigger.

This year’s Jsoc committee should be very proud of themselves for the incredible night that they organized. But this proves that we as a community are stronger than ever. We come together in the thousand just for a party in a provincial UK town.

We can make a difference, we are the Jewish student community and we should be proud. Any backlash we encounter, stand up and face it head on. That is what counts.

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