OPINION: Forget the Golders Green demo, lets focus our anger where it’s needed

OPINION: Forget the Golders Green demo, lets focus our anger where it’s needed

Piers Mellor [left] and Eddie Stampton [centre] from neo-Nazi group New Dawn  were behind a planned neo-Nazi march in Golders Green
Piers Mellor [left] and Eddie Stampton [centre] from neo-Nazi group New Dawn were behind a planned neo-Nazi march in Golders Green
Keith Fraser

By Keith Fraser  

So the Jewish community is utterly incensed by a few fools looking to seek attention by demonstrating open anti-semitism in Golders Green.

We are all rightly concerned and even paranoid about the rise in anti-semitic attacks here and across Europe.

But, when you look at the facts, the people organising this demonstration, are merely a small bunch of ‘air-heads’ whose sole aim is to obtain a reaction and thus, attention and notoriety.

Psychologists will tell you that human beings, like animals, learn their behaviours, by having them reinforced through any form of acknowledgement, be that positive or negative. Like a child with a tantrum, the best way to deal with it, is to pay it no attention at all (if you are able), and the behaviour will dissipate. 

In the same way, by Jews going to Golders Green on 4th July to vent their anger at this small group of idiots (and we’ve been told they are only few in number), we give them exactly that attention, which is precisely what they seek, and is indeed, the oxygen they require to breathe. 

Today, it is considered somewhat unacceptable in Britain to be openly racist or anti-semitic, and our community is fortunately not as openly threatened with this bigotry. I know there are some of you who will remind me that Nick Griffin, the former leader of the BNP was granted some credibility considering he was invited on BBC Question Time, but when he appeared on that show, he was lambasted, and few people ever took him seriously. 

What is threatening our life here as Jews, is the covert form of anti-semitism.

Rarely does one openly shout hatred of Jews, but many sadly do of the only nation state of the Jews, and the rise in anti-semitic attacks is down to this one reason. 

People have quoted to me “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” I accept that. But why is it that members of our community all of a sudden seem motivated to fight back in this instance, against a tiny number of idiots, when approximately this time last year, when Israel was in a war of self defence, a considerable majority of Jews did nothing similar against the evil demonising of our people and only homeland? It simply doesn’t make sense and it seems that when it really matters, we always fail to not do enough. 

Instead, we should be more focused on standing up to ‘Stop the War’ and other similar groups, because the likes of these people, some that include public figures such as Ken Livingstone, Diane Abbot, Jeremy Corbyn (who is now a Labour leadership candidate) etc, wear an ‘acceptable’ mask, and are effectively responsible for the rise in attacks on British Jews and actually, pose the real threat. 

I myself ran as a parliamentary candidate recently in Hackney North & Stoke Newington, which includes the Stamford Hill Hassidic community.

At the time, I was told not to sell myself to them on the Zionist support. My answer was, even if you’re not a Zionist Jew, the vilification of Israel, inevitably leads to anti-semitism, so regardless, we should all understand on which side our bread is buttered.

I repeat; the biggest threat to the safety of the Jewish community in this country and elsewhere in Europe & the world, are not the open Jew haters, but the latent ones, with their acceptable vitriol of the State of Israel.

They are certainly more dangerous and worrying than a small number of morons in Golders Green one Shabbat afternoon seeking a bit of cheap attention.

So, to people who are incensed by this group up front anti-semites, wake up and understand where the real threat to us lie, and if you are able and bothered to show up on 4th July, then make sure you are where you need to be the next time there are more covert Jew hating events planned. They are ‘ten to every penny’.

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