New Norwood chair adds two women to board of trustees

New Norwood chair adds two women to board of trustees

Neville Kahn brings Glynnis Joffe and Tamara Finkelstein into new roles, improving the Jewish charity's gender balance

Tamara Finkelstein and Glynnis Joffe
Tamara Finkelstein and Glynnis Joffe

New Norwood chairman Neville Kahn has added two women to the board of trustees in one of his first interventions since taking the helm, increasing the gender balance at the Jewish charity’s top table to five female members.

The new additions are both civil servants, with Glynnis Joffe having spent 30 years in social services and Tamara Finkelstein current leading on EU Exit Delivery at the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Kahn, who took over from longstanding chairman David Ereira earlier this month, said the pair would be “valuable additions”.

Neville Kahn

He said: “I am thrilled to announce these changes to the Trustee Board which will ensure Norwood is in good shape in these changing times.”

In recognition of Ereira’s 25 year commitment to Norwood, he was made Honorary Life President, saying: “It is an honour to receive this accolade and an equally tremendous privilege to have served as Norwood’s advocate and ambassador for the better part of a quarter of a century.”

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