New leadership initiative launched

New leadership initiative launched

Dangoor Senior Leadership Programme has been initiated for professional and lay leaders

Professional and lay leaders in the Jewish community can apply
Professional and lay leaders in the Jewish community can apply

A senior leadership programme for professional and lay leaders in the Jewish community is being launched, with applicants invited to apply by 6 March.

The Dangoor Senior Leadership Programme coordinated by Lead, a division of the Jewish Leadership Council, will start in June and run for 16 months, with only £500 asked as a registration fee. Similar programmes typically cost tens of thousands of pounds.

“This is the first senior leadership programme targeted at both lay and professional leaders in the Jewish community,” said Lead executive director Nicky Goldman.

“Usually they are targeted at one or the other, so this is a new departure for us.”

One of the eight modules will be run by Windsor Leadership, she said, with other modules covering areas such as interpersonal relations, creating and communicating a vision, and the invention required to change.

Under the programme, 16 delegates will meet every six to eight weeks until October 2018, and will focus on personal development, but it is squarely aimed at those who are already serving in a senior position, whether that be as a trustee or committee chair in a lay capacity, or as
a senior executive in a business.

Lead also said it would be interested in applications from those who once were involved in the Jewish community, perhaps at a younger age, and who have since attained senior positions in the world of commerce.

Lesley King-Lewis, chief executive of Windsor Leadership, said: “In this complex and challenging environment, leadership holds the answer not only to the success of individuals and their organisations, but also for our communities and society at large.

“We will create a safe space for Jewish leaders to come together to reflect on good leadership and leadership for good.”

The programme is similar to Lead’s long-running flagship Adam Science leadership project.

To apply for the Dangoor Senior Leadership Programme please visit

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