Network launches in London to unite Jewish professionals

Network launches in London to unite Jewish professionals

Jews for Entrepreneurship will offer investors and mentors the chance to come together to exchange ideas

London's iconic skyline
London's iconic skyline

An organisation founded seven years ago in California, to help young professionals start their businesses, launched in London this week.

JFE Network – or Jews for Entrepreneurship – was jointly founded in 2009 in San Francisco by Michal Tavrovsky and Jenny Belotserkovsky, as a way of bringing young Jewish professionals together.

JFE also attracts investors and mentors, and offers opportunities for both groups to meet each other.

The organisation has expanded to Israel and has become a focal point for job seekers and those working within the hi-tech industry.

Marketing businessman Simon Jacobs, who is based in Manchester, had been hoping to start something similar in the UK until he was contacted by JFE and asked to join their networking organisation.

“We have had at least 300 people register their interest,” Jacobs told Jewish News. “We we were showcasing three new hi-tech companies at our UK launch.”

The network has a business and a social side and it aims to hold events every month.

Tavrovsky said there had been many business success stories in the US and Israel and that she was “very excited” to be bringing JFE to the UK.


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