Netanyahu accuses broadcaster of ‘Bolshevik propaganda’ as he brands it ‘fake news’

Netanyahu accuses broadcaster of ‘Bolshevik propaganda’ as he brands it ‘fake news’

Israeli PM says Hadashot News is smearing his family in its coverage after airing transcripts of recordings his family friend and a top legal adviser two nights in a row

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused an Israeli broadcaster of “Bolshevik propaganda” for its coverage of his family.

Netanyahu took to social media on Monday evening to criticise reports on Hadashot News after it broadcast for the second consecutive night transcripts of recordings between a Netanyahu family friend and a top legal adviser in which they acknowledge and express worry over the Netanyahus’ use of public funds for private use.

“Every evening [Hadashot] broadcasts false rumors and character assassinations of me and my family. Real Bolshevik propaganda that is just tales from years ago that never even happened,” Netanyahu said in his poston Facebook.

“For years they have buried and sugar coated waste and over spending of tens of millions by prime ministers and presidents from the left, and against me they carry out a campaign of character assassination over ice creams, prepared meals and false rumors.

“They repeatedly carry out this demonetisation against the right, the religious and traditional Jews – everyone who is not them. It’s clear why the public doesn’t buy their garbage!” the post concluded.

The post is accompanied by the symbol of the Hadashot news and the caption in all capital letters: “FAKE NEWS.”

Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, was indicted late last week on fraud and breach of trust charges for ordering more than £72,000 ($96,000) worth of private meals from high-end restaurants rather than using the residence’s cook to prepare meals.

חדשות 2 משדרים כל ערב רכילות שקרית ועושים רצח אופי לי ולמשפחתי. ממש תעמולה בולשביקית שכל כולה סיפורים מלפני שנים שלא היו…

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