NBA coach backs Israel in Gaza war

NBA coach backs Israel in Gaza war

Olympics Day 14 - Basketball
David Blatt, while coaching the Russian side at the 2012 Olympics

Israeli basketball coach David Blatt has told reporters how he fully supports Israel’s current actions in Gaza.

Blatt became the first Israeli to coach a side in the NBA when he took charge of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Asked if he supported Israel in their actions, he said: “In my opinion, this war is Israel’s most justified war I can remember in recent years. I’m really sorry about what’s happening in Gaza, but there’s no doubt that we had to act there, so that Israel will have quiet there once and for all, and we can live in peace.”

Asked if he feels there is enough support for Israel from the US, he said: “There’s support, although sometimes it’s not enough. In my opinion, though, there’s more support this time than before.”


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