Muslim-led social action day to be launched – Sadaqa day

Muslim-led social action day to be launched – Sadaqa day

Julie Siddiqi talking about launching sadaqa day, alongside Laura Marks, the founder of Mitzvah Day (Source: Twitter)

A Muslim-led day of social action inspired by Mitzvah Day is to be launched at Southwark Cathedral next week.

Sadaqa Day will provide a focal point for members of the Muslim community and beyond to give of their time to help good causes including food banks, care homes and homeless shelters while building year-long relationships.

Describing Mitzvah Day as a “great success story”, Sadaqa Day founder Julie Siddiqi said: “Mitzvah Day has been a great success story.  Mitzvah Day has grown into something that is not only for Jews to take part in but it has a strong and very good interfaith aspect too. My hope is that having Sadaqa Day at a different part of the year will mean that projects and links made during November for Mitzvah Day can then have another point in the year to focus on and continue to build on.”

Mitzvah Day founder Laura Marks will be among the speakers at the launch event, along with communities minister Lord Ahmad and the Bishop of Southwark.

Siddiqi  said she hoped the Islamic word sadaqa, which echoes the Hebrew word tzedakah, would become known in wider society. 

She said: “Muslims are very generous in donating millions of pounds to charity every year. And while that is of course important Sadaqa is so much more than giving money. “It is about helping others, doing good, reaching out, giving of your time and yourself. I want it to be a positive way of bringing people from different backgrounds to do good together, not just talk.”

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