Mother’s baby snatch horror in Hendon Park

Mother’s baby snatch horror in Hendon Park

A terrified mother is recovering this week after her nine-month old baby son was snatched from her in Hendon Park by another woman.

The mother was playing with her child in a play area when a group of  women approached, with a boy aged about seven.

One of the three women reached down and picked up the toddler, who was grabbed back by the mother, whose frightened screams scared the group away.

Jewish patrol group Shomrim was alerted, as were the police. The CST is also investigating.

However, it still took two hours before two police community support officers (PSCOs) were sent to the mother’s house. The mother later posted her frustration on social media.

“It caused quite a bit of panic in the community,” reported a source close to events. “There was a flurry of phone-calls.”

A police investigation report concluded that the incident was likely intended as a “distraction for theft,” swiftly aborted as a result of the mother’s screams.

“These are people operating in this park, and the description was very clear: three women dressed in burkas,” said the source.

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