Milch ready for step up ahead of fight number seven

Milch ready for step up ahead of fight number seven

Milch (right) in action during his last fight. Picture: Phil Sharkey

Tony Milch is getting set for a ‘step-up in class’ when he enters the ring for the first time in 2015.

Looking to maintain his 100 percent-winning start to his career, the 33-year-old light middleweight’s seventh bout takes place at the Camden Centre on 7 March and will see him compete in his first six-round fight.

Excited by the prospect of a longer fight, he says: “A six-rounder means the opponent will be at a better level than previous ones but I’m ready. Doing four-round fights is almost novice-level boxing, this is a step-up in class.”

Over his hand injuries, which he said hindered his chances of fighting a six-rounder earlier in his career, he comes into this fight on the back of a rest which he says has left him feeling refreshed and revitalised. “The break I had was very good,” he said. “The end of 2014 was busy for me with me fighting in October and November, while the injuries I had also meant it was good to have December off. I came back on 1 January and had something like an 8-9 week training camp to get ready for this fight, which I think is perfect, it’s not too long or too short.

“The first couple of weeks were just about getting back into it, now I’m training six days a week and am increasing the roadwork to get ready for the extra rounds.”

Back with his original trainer Ian Burbidge, the pair are working in the gym on his strengths, rather than weaknesses. “With Ian, we work specifically on movement, on footwork, because I’m good at that”, he says. “We’re working on speed and combinations. A lot of people will look to only develop, or work on their weaknesses, but we focus on getting my good parts even better.”

The fight, which is taking place at what he describes as ‘pretty much my home venue’, will also be taking place for the first time on a Saturday night after Shabbat goes out, which he hopes will result on a large Jewish crowd cheering him on.

Proud of his heritage and his love of Israel, he says: “I have family on Kibbutz HaZore’a, my late grandparents are both buried on a Kibbutz, Israel is very important to me. This is the first time people can get to see me, who observe Shabbat, and I hope they come out in force to support me.”

And hoping fighting in a six-round fight will lead to bigger and better things, he says: “I’ll fight one, two, maybe three six-rounder’s, then an eight, and then you can look at titles. To fight for any belt you have to fight in a six-rounder, you’re then able to fight for the area titles, and people look at you more seriously.

“I’m looking to fight for an area or a Masters title, which is like a junior title in terms of it being an entry-level type. A British title is the main one, the commonwealth – both are dreams of mine, but my realistic aims for 2015 is a British Masters’ title which is like a stepping stone, or a southern area title which is a big thing for me at this stage.”

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