MGBSFL League goalscoring chart week four

MGBSFL League goalscoring chart week four

Find out who's leading the way at the top of the MGBSFL goalscoring chart.

Andrew Sherwood is the Jewish News Sport and Community Editor

Keep up to date with who’s top of the League goalscoring charts!


8 Goals:
Adam Ellis 
(Bayern Mincha)

7 Goals:
Zack Cohen (Mill Hill Dons)

6 Goals:
Adam Abadi (Highgate & Muswell Hill)

5 Goals:
Adam Hersh 
(Faithfold B)
Nate Kashket (Redbridge Jewish Care A)

4 Goals:
Richard Salmon
(FC Team)
Zack Lewis (Hendon United)
James Millet 
(Hertswood Vale)

Kyle Bentwood (Oakwood A)
Zack Neiman (SPEC)

3 Goals:
Chaim Bordon 
(Faithfold A)
Louis Naghten 
(Faithfold A)
Ben Shirbini (Faithfold A)
Benny Goldberg (Faithfold B)
James Jaconelli (Fairlop FC)
Chaim Korman (Hendon United)
Rocky Spitzer (Hendon United)
Harry Graham (Hertswood Vale)
Reiss Mogilner (Maccabi London Lions)
Josh Cuby (Oakwood A)
Carl Dobrin (Redbridge Jewish Care A)
Alex Paraskeva (Redbridge Jewish Care A)
Craig Sandford (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Steve Summers (Redbridge Jewish Care A/B)
Ricky Lawrence (SPEC)

2 Goals:
Adam Ellis 
(Bayern Mincha)
Avi Garson (Faithfold A)
Alex Goodman (Faithfold B)
Max Freedman (Fairlop FC)
Mitch Young (FC Team)
Dom Feldman (Highgate & Muswell Hill)
George Goldberg (Highgate & Muswell Hill)
Clark Norton (Highgate & Muswell Hill)
Oscar Wagner (Highgate & Muswell Hill)
Dean Rosenthal (Los Camden A)
Dan Orgel (Los Camden A)
Oli Sade (Los Camden A)
Daniel Green (Maccabi London Lions)
Joseph Reece (Mill Hill Dons)
Liron Mannie (North London Raiders A)
James Cartmell (North London Raiders Masters)
Josh Cohen (North London Galaxy)
Brad Wine (Oakwood A)
James Berkley (Redbridge Jewish Care A)
Josh Wynn (Redbridge Jewish Care A)
Richard Slater (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Jez King (Scrabble A/B)
Bradley Lazarus (Scrabble B)
Sam Martin (SPEC)

1 Goal:
Phillipe Auret 
(Bayern Mincha)
Adam Biton (Bayern Mincha)
Sam Kanter (Bayern Mincha)
Alon Pinhas (Bayern Mincha)
Jordan Nathan 
(Brady Maccabi)
Johnny Gahan (Faithfold A)
David Leiwy (Faithfold A)
Lolu Hibbert (Faithfold B)
Jack Joseph (Faithfold B)
Aron Luftig (Faithfold B)
Gav Noe (Faithfold B)
Ariel Rahamim (Faithfold B)
Harrison Grant (Fairlop FC)
Daryl Rubin (Fairlop FC)
David Cohen (FC Team)
Connor Perl (FC Team)
Eddie Sternberg (FC Team)
Dovi Fehler 
(Hendon United)
Jonti Aremband (Hendon United)
Jonny Kaye (Hertswood Vale)
Ben Mandel (Hertswood Vale)
Josh Goldstein (Highgate & Muswell Hill)
Alex Moss (Highgate & Muswell Hill)
Kane Gilbery (Los Camden A)
Johann Jordi (Los Camden A)
Adam Arnold (Maccabi London Lions)
Sam Stead (Mill Hill Dons)
Jordan Stein (Mill Hill Dons)
Ben Berrick (Jewdinese)
Zac Brin (Jewdinese)
Zack Collins (Jewdinese)
Brad Lander (Jewdinese)
Jack Davis (North London Galaxy)
Sammy Huberman (North London Galaxy)
Jamie Murray (North London Galaxy)
Jonny Blain (North London Masters)
Tony Plaskow (North London Masters)
Jake Yudelowitz (North London Raides A)
Josh Bharier (Oakwood A)
Sam Cantor (Oakwood A)
Ben Feingold (Oakwood B)
Dan King(Oakwood B)
Louie Libbert (Oakwood B)
Sam Modlin (Oakwood B)
Dan Andrews (Redbridge Jewish Care A)
Jamie Bernstein (Redbridge Jewish Care A)
Dave Green (Redbridge Jewish Care A)
Daniel Lee (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Sam Sollosi (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Seth Walmer (Redbridge Jewish Care B)
Craig Cohen (SPEC)
Joshua Green (SPEC)
Mark Singers (Temple Fortune)
Danny Vandermolen (Temple Fortune)

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