MGBSFL chairman looks ahead to new season

MGBSFL chairman looks ahead to new season

MGBSFL chairman David Wolff
MGBSFL chairman David Wolff
MGBSFL chairman David Wolff

Maccabi Football League chairman David Wolff gives his thoughts ahead of next month’s big kick-off…

It is quite some time since I wrote an article so I am now bringing matters up to date.

The Maccabi European Games held in Berlin seem to have been an unparalleled success and I would like to congratulate all the medalists and indeed the participants for what will be remembered in the years to come as an experience of a lifetime. From my experience there is nothing better for Jews to get together particularly in a sporting environment.

We are now almost at the start of the 2015-2016 season and I am sure all our Maccabi footballers are polishing their boots, ironing their strip and are ready to commence battle. The weekly matches maybe ‘mundane’ in comparison with International competition but it is the bread and butter and where most of the players are able to ply their trade. Everyone is upbeat and raring to go and I know how important the league is to all its participants be they officials, players and referees.

I very much regret that we have lost some more teams and are lower in numbers resulting in our having to drop a division. We can only cater for those who want to play and at the moment there are still sufficient numbers to keep the league a viable entity.

However, we must not be complacent and are looking into ways to attract new teams and players and all new ideas are worthy of consideration. We are setting up a sub-committee to examine the situation and report back. In the meantime, let me say, some press articles have not helped and some individual comments on the social media have been downright rude and disgusting.

Martin Fox has decided to retire as Referees’ secretary and we owe him a debt of gratitude from doing such a marvelous job. Andy Myerson is now in the driving seat and I am sure everyone will wish him well.

Big changes at West Ham with the departure of Sam Allardyce and the appointment of Slaven Bilic as the new manager. Bilic was a well thought of defender in his 18 months at Upton Park and I remember him well. I really hope he succeeds with us at the helm. For me this will be a nostalgic season as we say FAREWELL BOLEYN. Our move to the Olympic Stadium is vital for the future development of the club but after more than 60 years supporting the Hammers it will be a big wrench to leave E13.

I hope you all have an enjoyable and successful season.

David Wolff
Maccabi GB Southern Football League

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