Big Brother’s Jewish housemate: Theatre company owner Simon Gross

Big Brother’s Jewish housemate: Theatre company owner Simon Gross

Big Brother Summer 2015
Big Brother housemate Simon Gross

Celebrity Big Brother contestant Simon Gross, who is set to enter the Elstree house tonight- has done lots of panto in the past so will be no stranger to the hysteria that surrounds the reality TV show.

The 46-year-old theatre company owner-who is one of 16 housemates to take part in this year’s Big Brother: Timebomb -is unsurprisingly not short of controversy!

The show is yet to start and Gross has already been in the news thanks to the #abusedbysimongross hashtag on Twitter- which sees actors complaining about his behaviour towards them.

It seems likely that Gross-who lives in Kent-may reveal all about his past which will undoubtedly ruffle quite a few feathers. However, for now, his PR manager Natasha Worby insists: “Simon simply wants to have an amazing time, increase his profile and that of his already successful business SG Productions, make some new friends and entertain the nation.”

Apparently, Gross is extremely organised, tidy and hygienic so expect sparks to fly with the other housemates unlikely to share these qualities!

“If anyone is untidy or sloppy that is likely to rile him,” added Worby who pointed out that fakeness, people who talk behind others backs and anyone slamming doors will get on his nerves.

A regular visitor to Israel, Gross is proud of his Jewish roots and points to his mother as his closest ally. His biggest fear in entering the Big Brother house – where he could potentially stay for 10 weeks if he makes it to the final– is having no communication from his family and friends.

I’d say by the looks of his other housemates-that include a “wannabe” Prime Minister and a demolition man-that he may have a lot more to worry about!

Big Brother launches tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.