Maccabi League footballer reported to FA after verbal assault on ref

Maccabi League footballer reported to FA after verbal assault on ref

Head referee Martin Fox (right) wants to see an end to his referees being on the end of verbal abuse

A Maccabi League player was this week reported to the London Football Association for subjecting a referee to a vicious verbal onslaught, which reportedly included him telling the referee ‘he’d see him’ after the game.

The Division Three match between Hendon United C and King Crown was marred when a King Crown player was sent-off in the closing minutes of the 1-1 draw. Refusing to leave the pitch, he then squared up to referee Stuart Ansher, calling him a “f***ing c***”, before telling him he’d “see him after the game.” He then went up to the Ansher after the match finished, called him “an embarrassment” and told him to “f*** off and retire”.

Shocked at what he had witnessed, Hendon manager Adam Glekin said: “In my 15 years playing Sunday league football, I’d say it was by far the worst abuse I’ve seen a referee suffer. I think the poor ref genuinely feared for his safety, this lunatic was out of control.”

Outraged at the incident, Martin Fox, the League’s Referee Secretary, said: “It’s totally, totally unacceptable and we won’t tolerate it.

“A report was sent to the FA from the referee and it’s being dealt with, it’s not being brushed under the carpet in any way, shape or form.

“It’s disappointing to hear of another incident, especially after the email which was sent out to all the managers with a warning last month.”

And believing team managers have to take responsibility for such incidents, he said: “The management have a lot to answer for, they have to play their part. They say they can’t control their players out on the pitch, but they can guide them.”

While not wishing to comment too much on the incident, King Crown manager Jacob Kadoch did confirm: “The player will receive a lengthy ban and be dealt with internally, as well as apologise to the referee for any misunderstanding.”

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