Life Magazine: The Israeli Italian job 

Life Magazine: The Israeli Italian job 

If you want to exude La Dolce Vita at your Promised Land simcha, Louisa Walters recommends Letizia Events

Louisa Walters is a features writer

So you want to make a wedding in Israel but you like the way Italians do things?

Meet Letizia Fargion Piattelli, an Italian event planner who made aliyah 22 years ago and has made functions in both countries, plus many others around the world.

“I have been in this field since the beginning,” says Letizia. “When I made aliyah I brought my Italian taste and style. In Israel I learned to put them to use on large projects.”

It would appear she has a lot more to offer too. Testimonials on Letizia’s website have a common theme – she is enthusiastic, fun, organised and ‘a joy to work with’.

When I attended a chuppah in a graffiti adorned carpark in Tel Aviv this summer I thought I’d seen it all. Perhaps not: “From chuppahs with a sea view or in a cave to barmitzvahs in archaeological sites plus more traditional locations, there is a never-ending supply of event venues in Israel,” Letizia tells me. “Israelis are very versatile and we try to adapt new ideas and original concepts to each new project,” says Letizia.

Making your function in Israel definitely adds a unique value to it, she says. “Holding a simcha in a place that is significant to you makes it so much more meaningful. The history and traditions of Israel coupled with our unique locations and of course your family and friends being on holiday makes it very special.”

Letizia can also arrange activities around the celebrations, which is particularly popular for bar mitzvahs. “The barmitzvah becomes an opportunity for the families and friends to be together to experience acts that are full of values, such as packing food for families in need or visiting soldiers in a military base,” she says.

One thing is for sure – if you’re going to make a function in Israel you will need a professional to help you. From the venue, the catering and the entertainment to the photography, the lighting and the staging, Letizia will control everything, as well as the bureaucracy and contracts that differ to how it all works here in the UK. She can also sort accommodation, transport and tours for your guests.

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