Letters to the editor: JVL’s yellow star was disgusting

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Letters to the editor: JVL’s yellow star was disgusting

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Jewish Jeremy Corbyn supporter Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, of Jewish Voice for Labour holds up a sign at the #EnoughIsEnough Demonstration against anti-Semitism, featuring a yellow star and the word Jews

Photo Credit: Marc Morris
Jewish Jeremy Corbyn supporter Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, of Jewish Voice for Labour holds up a sign at the #EnoughIsEnough Demonstration against anti-Semitism, featuring a yellow star and the word Jews Photo Credit: Marc Morris

JVL’s yellow star was disgusting

At the demonstration on Monday, the Jewish Voice for Labour tried to drown out the speakers calling for an end to anti-Semitism within the Labour ranks.

The hypocrisy of those who pretend to champion free speech attempting to stop others from expressing theirs is staggering. As was their abhorrent use of the yellow star, a symbol of Jewish persecution and oppression to imply Jews were persecuting Jeremy Corbyn in the same way.x

The fact these people claim to be Jewish does not excuse their disgusting behaviour.

Ruth Leveson, NW11

Young Labour so very naive

Regarding your recent online report on the election of Miriam Mirwitch as the national chair of Young Labour, one thing springs immediately to mind – the naivety of youth. Also, why does the “proudly Jewish woman” prefer not to go into her views on Israel in detail?

She claimed “Jeremy has taken amazing steps forward with the Jewish community”. No, he hasn’t. What he’s done is to say the bare minimum when called upon to look as if he is in the slightest bit concerned, which, of course, we all know he isn’t.

She added: “He even came to the (JLM – Jewish Labour Movement) Chanukah party”, but more importantly he couldn’t bring himself to attend the Balfour celebrations.

In response to the bit saying “that Young Labour elected a Jewish woman – who’s very visibly and proudly Jewish – as its leader, I think that says a lot about how far we’ve come”, I would just make one comment – Jon Lansman, the founder of Momentum.

Both he and Mirwitch are Jewish. Both misguided. Both “tolerated Jews” while it serves Labour Party purposes.

The only positive for Miriam Mirwitch is that she is young enough to survive the current cult of Corbyn and still be in place when he and his gang of hypocrites and anti-Semites have been replaced by a Labour hierarchy in which Jews can feel

Russell Ballen, By email


‘Pockets’ of anti-Semitism are deep

I’d like to congratulate those who organised the dignified and heavily attended demonstration at Parliament Square on Monday.

Jeremy Corbyn’s latest letter of apology is a smokescreen for his own blatant erring on the subject and total lack of action in calling out perpetrators within the party.

Labour has recognised it has pockets of anti-Semitism – unfortunately they appear to be very deep. Its new party slogan should be: We have many, not the few.

Stephen Vishnick, Tel Aviv

Creationists like to pretend that science supports them

Amnon Goldberg is certainly persistent. He has written numerous letters to Jewish News promoting young earth creationism.

His latest told us Professor Stephen Hawking preached “erroneous science”  and had been suppressing “true scientific evidence for recent creation and a geocentric universe” (Jewish News, 22 March).

Well, if only Mr Goldberg would tell us what this evidence is and how exactly Professor Hawking has erred, we’d love to know.

As it is, I fear he actually has no scientific evidence but has  only his belief in his interpretation of the Torah.

He is, of course, perfectly entitled to his particular belief in the Torah, but he is not entitled to suggest that science supports it.

The fundamental problem for all creationists is that they cannot accept anything that conflicts with their view of the Bible.

So they like to pretend that science supports them.

At root, they put faith in a holy book higher than scientific statements.

This is the case even though we know science to be far nearer to truth than biblical statements when considering how the natural world functions.

Why can we believe this? Because science works. It has provided massive advances in human welfare over the past 300 years. It works. If science wasn’t truthful, it couldn’t work.

Fraser Michaelson, Southgate

No point moaning if you back the  party

Will the time ever come when Jewish peers, politicians, councillors and donors who are members and supporters of the Labour Party recognise that tweeting and writing letters about how let down and annoyed you are is meaningless?

Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of your party. As members and supporters of the party he leads, you advocate him governing our country. That is what you stand for.

Shimon Cohen, By email

The religion of atheism

Fraser Michaelson implies that the “scientific community” would be “very interested” in seeing evidence of special creation, yet he falls into the trap of defending as “science” something that is better described as religion, specifically the religion of atheism (Jewish News, 22 March).

To illustrate the point I am trying to communicate, consider “science” explaining the existence of a laptop computer without simply admitting that the laptop had at least one designer and creator. In short, to deny intelligent design as being “unscientific” is itself unscientific, since it denies all the evidence.

But Mr Michaelson asked for some evidence of Elohim having created the universe.

Okay, on the macroscopic scale the Moon, and on the microscopic scale,  DNA and RNA molecules.

Dr Neville Jones, Scotland

Help perform the greatest mitzvah: save a life

While life in Israel has returned to normal and hopes are high that Britain is set for a summer without restrictions thanks to vaccines, for billions around the world there is no such imminent light at the end of the tunnel. In the majority of countries around the globe, particularly the poorest, the vaccine rollout has barely kicked off.

That's why Jewish News, the leading source of news and opinion for the entire UK community, is throwing its full weight behind UNICEF’s VaccinAid campaign by using this platform usually reserved for encouraging donations towards our own journalism to instead urge our readers around the globe to perform the greatest mitzvah: saving a life.

We have never before done this for any charity fundraiser but it's hard to recall a campaign that affects so many people, and indeed an entire planet aching for a return to normality. Just like the Chief Rabbi and Rachel Riley, we hope to boost the mission to deliver two billion vaccines, 165 million treatments and 900 million test kits around the world by the end of this year.

Please donate as much as you can, in the spirit of the Talmudic sages: “to save one life is to save the world entire”

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