#LackFriday campaign spreads positive stories about those less fortunate

#LackFriday campaign spreads positive stories about those less fortunate

A social media campaign launched in response to Black Friday, highlighted what needy people around the world don’t have. 

#LackFriday was launched by World Jewish Relief as an alternative to the discount craze Black Friday, which sees shoppers indulge on buying new clothes, TVs and other cheap products.

In a 24-hour online appeal, WJR shared images from around the world, featuring those who lack a future, food or friendship.

The campaign focuses on positive themes, such as families in Ukraine and Sierra Leone who have been able to rebuild conflict-affected lives.

Richard Verber, Communications and Campaigns Manager at World Jewish Relief said: “We want to challenge people’s thinking on Black Friday. The campaign is fun, positive and upbeat – our photos are powerful but don’t portray anyone as helpless.

We want to showcase the amazing difference our supporters have made and continue to make all around the world.”

WJR asked members of the Jewish community to share funny pictures on social media, tagging three people with the hashtag #LackFriday. 

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